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PhoneSuit Intros PhoneSuit Flex Micro Battery Pack for Smartphones

I hate my life sometimes. I woke up this morning to find a 3 inch screw sticking out of my tire and of course it’s flat. In January the car will be two years old, I only have a little less than three thousand miles on the car but yet three of the tires have been patched at least once for nails and screws, yes one tire has two patches. What are the odds of that I wonder? Is my luck that bad or is someone doing this?  Or am I just being paranoid? I don’t see any of my neighbors having this problem, just me. Anyway, I’m not happy right now but PhoneSuit has just announced the Flex Micro battery pack for smartphones and it’s a tiny little thing but it has enough juice in it to charge your phone at least once fully.


PhoneSuit®, developer of innovative smartphone and tablet power solutions, has introduced their new product today, the PhoneSuit Flex™ Micro Battery Pack for Smartphones. The PhoneSuit Flex is a portable, “on the go” battery designed to provide instant power to energy hungry Smartphones. The Flex provides users with the power they need to run apps, listen to music, watch movies and more on their favorite Smartphone. The PhoneSuit Flex is one of the smallest and most powerful battery packs currently available. It integrates a high capacity 2600 mAh battery in a device about the size of a person’s thumb. This gives the Flex enough energy to provide double the power or a full charge, on many of today’s Smartphones. The PhoneSuit Flex’s small size and integrated connector tip allows users to attach the battery directly to their phone while on the move. The Flex can stay attached and securely in place while continuing use of their Smartphone. It’s the perfect solution for those in need of portable power without the added bulk of a battery case or large battery pack solution. The PhoneSuit Flex is compatible with many smartphones from Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, Google and more. It works as a great companion to the popular Samsung Galaxy S3. The multi-phone compatibility allows users to easily share power with their friends and family.

PhoneSuit delivers their signature of incorporating contemporary design elements, premium grade materials and the latest in technology. The PhoneSuit Flex features a high quality, anodized, machined aluminum casing for an attractive appearance and increased durability. A protective top cover fits securely in place and the LED status lights are concealed to give the Flex a uniform look and feel. The Flex’s technology includes high density lithium-ion battery cells, electrostatic touch button, data sync capability, quick charge and pass through charging features. The electrostatic touch button can detect a users finger with no moving parts. Pass-through charging allows users to connect the Flex and Smartphone to charge simultaneously. The sync capability let users sync their music, photos and data while charging. The LED status meter conveniently reports the remaining battery charge status. Automated power management efficiently prioritizes and manages power consumption, delivering stable and reliable power to mobile devices.

PhoneSuit products are engineered to provide maximum amount of power in the smallest form factor without compromising smartphone mobility. The Flex battery is a great solution for providing users with the extra power they need daily or when on travel. It can be also be easily stored away for those “out of power” emergencies. The PhoneSuit Flex battery pack provides a compact charging solution with true mobility for users on the go. Founded in 2007, PhoneSuit’s philosophy has been to provide products which incorporate the best in design, technology and style. With PhoneSuit, you can take your power with you!

PhoneSuit Flex™ Micro Battery Pack Feature Highlights

  • Ultra-Compact size. The PhoneSuit Flex is about the size of a persons thumb, yet has enough power to fully charge most smartphones.
  • “On the go” solution. The small size and integrated connector tip allows users to attach the battery directly to their smartphone while on the move. The Flex can stay attached and securely in place while continuing use of their Smartphone.
  • High capacity 2600 mAh battery can provide double the smartphone power. PhoneSuit high density lithium-ion polymer cells deliver efficient power output in a small form factor.
  • Stylish design and quality materials. PhoneSuit incorporates stylish design elements and premium materials such as anodized, machined aluminum casing, electrostatic touch button and a laser etched logo. Durable construction assures power is available for those long trips.
  • Electrostatic touch button. The Flex’s touch button can detect a users finger and has no moving parts. Gently touch to activate the LED battery status meter.
  • Pass-through charging. This feature allows users to connect the PhoneSuit Flex and Smartphone to charge simultaneously. When finished, both devices will be charged and ready for one’s daily use.
  • Data sync capability. Users can sync their music, movies and data with their Smartphone while charging the Flex at the same time.
  • Quick Charge Technology. The PhoneSuit Flex features high speed 1 Amp / 5 Watt output providing a full Smartphone charge in less time.
  • Automated Power Management. The smart power circuitry regulates and prioritizes smartphone power consumption to ensure safe and reliable power delivery. Automatic power save mode assures the battery power can be stored well for extended periods of time.

The PhoneSuit Flex™ Micro Battery Pack is available now with a retail price of $79.95 USD at and quality retailers worldwide. For more information on the PhoneSuit Flex design and performance, please visit

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