I was reading a Windows Phone 7 article where they were dogging the platform for not having the ability to upload pictures to Twitpic despite all of the social networking aspects of the OS. So I fired up Marketplace, did a search for Twitpic and found Pic-o-Twit which is a free app that lets you upload pictures to Twitpic through your Twitter account. And you can upload through the app or from the photo itself as it gets added as an Extra so you get a new option to upload to Pic-o-Twit when you go to share within the pictures Hub. All you need to do is run the app the first time as a standalone to allow it to access your Twitter account. It works and it’s free. That was easy…


  1. I guess. But after you register at TwitPic you get an email address. yourname@twitpic.com. Select a photo, tap share and email it to the address. TwitPic suggests you create a contact named TwitPic to speed things up which is exactly what I did. Just add your message to the subject line. Already sent up several photos so I know it works.

    Suppose this app may take one or two less taps, as you don’t need to select TwitPic as the address, but otherwise no real need for it.

  2. Well, the official Twitter App has Twitpic integration by default. Just compose a new tweet and click the camera icon at the bottom. You can either choose an existing pic or take a new one.

  3. Forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me. Been using Beezz for the Live Tile. Wonder if the original WP7 article was complaining that this feature is not integrated in the OS. So the simple question would be, “what OS has this integrated”. Man, the crap critics complain about. Can’t open a bottle of beer with a WP7 phone either but I will just have figure that one out myself.

  4. Agreed with all. I just like this app because you get Pic hub extensibility so you can do it from within the pic hub.

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