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Vlingo Speaks Out About The Fuze

It looks like here was an XDA thread with the ‘fixed’ Vlingo cab that was started on June 10 and it appears as though a representative of Vlingo added to the thread and stated the following (emphasis added by me):

Hi – this is some great and clever work. We’re glad to see users finding a way on their own devices. A few points to clear things up for you guys:
You are correct we don’t support WM 6.5 on any devices.
The reason you can install on the fuze is because we did some internal testing and we allow the HTC Fuze model to make it through the install/setup. As you can see the graphics aren’t fully there for this device compared to the other devices. As you mentioned the inability for average users to select a suitable key to map vlingo too on the HTC Fuze lead us to dropping official support on the device. For folks as eager as you guys – loves it – the normal touch should install on the HTC Fuze running on WM 6.1. Please note that since this is a beta you will run into some glitches and since this device was not officially supported it may have more glitches than we’d like.
Please let us know if you have any additional feedback or run problems via our support channel – (the last question in the FAQ has a link to our support form).
Thanks for helping us with our beta testing.

So it’s a good news/bad news moment. It sounds like when Vlingo makes its way out of beta it will work on the Fuze but it will never be officially supported. I think I can live with that:)