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Pillbox – WP7 HealthVault App Demoed

image I think their lead-in says it all “Pillbox is an open-source Windows Phone 7 application that helps you track medications for your family and friends. It’s designed to interface with Microsoft HealthVault. It’s awesome. And it only took two weeks.” The app is meant to help track medication and make it easier to communicate with doctors and caregivers. You can track prescriptions and check off when pills are taken as well as access information about the prescriptions. And you can leave notes for other caregivers and it’s all synced over HealthVault.

Why did they create this open source app? “If we can make a functioning demo app in two weeks with only three people, think of what we can do for you.” Not a bad marketing idea – I give them credit. For more information on the app and Veracity Solution check out this link. And no, we have no affiliation or anything with them. Just popped up on Twitter and it looks pretty neat.