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PIM Permits WP7 Users To IM+ Via Data With Push Notifications

Whoah what’s up with that title? OK, a new app called PIM is in the Marketplace and in it’s simplest terms, it’s a fancy-as IM client for Windows Phone users. You can send text, pictures and voicemails and it even uses push notifications so that means, even though there’s no multitasking, you can get notices in the background when the app is not active. OH and it’s free. here’s the description:

Welcome to Personal Instant Messenger (PIM)!
PIM is the premier instant messaging service for Windows Phone 7 users. Send text, picture and voice messages, update your status and contact photo, and receive notifications of new messages and friend requests! Best of all, it’s all FREE!!!
* Send text, picture and voice messages for FREE!!
* Update your status.
* Add your own contact photo.
* Receive notifications of new messages and friend requests.
* Know when friends read your message.
* Get your very own username to connect with other WP7 users.
* View past and present messages by date.

First off, don’t tell me it’s only for WP7 users (BBM anyone?). This is actually pretty full featured. I haven’t tried it myself as it’s new to the market but this has some serious potential. You’re forced to get a data plan but not a text plan…go PIM?