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Place Your bets: April 1 or April 8 For The Lumia 900?

There seem to be two dates making their way to the top for the Lumia 900 release on AT&T – April 1 and April 8. April 8 is Easter and that’s a pretty poor door to release a new product (with closures and all).  However, an April 1 date doesn’t leave a lot of time to advertise. To that, I want to remind you all that I haven’t seen a Windows Phone get any advertisement to date so why would they start now?

I’m going with April 1. April 8 is a bad day to release a phone. We know phones are in stores at least for demo purposes. And I think the release strategy is some advertising, with a release and then they start mas advertising. They know they’re not going to get lines out the door anyway . So release the thing and then get all of the employees to love it and play with it and then hit the air with ads. I’m also picking the date because I want to put this silliness of a lack of a release date for what’s supposed to be a massive release to an end so it’ wishful thinking…

Place your bets in the comments.

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