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PLX xWave’s new app visualizes your brain patterns, combats ADHD

Many people who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are now utilizing advanced techniques to help ‘normalize’ their brainwaves by using equipment that can detect electrical impulses in different regions of the brain and translate them into data for consumption by bleeding-edge computer programs.  Based on this feed, they are able to tailor their thoughts and actions to better suit their physiological makeup.. and combat the sometimes debilitating disorder.

And then there are the rest of us who sometimes FEEL like we’re suffering the effects of ADHD.  We can’t seem to stay on track, we’re easily distracted, and we really want to try to improve our focus.  That’s where the xWave platform comes in.  PLX Devices xWave system uses advanced sensors which can detect electronic impluses from your brain through your scalp and skull by simply wearing a headset.  You can then interface the xWave with your iPhone, iPod or iPad to use a new Visualizer application which helps you to ‘train’ your brain to concentrate, relax, and try to improve your attention span. 

In 5-10 minute daily exercises, you will put your brain through its paces by interacting with virtual tools on your iOS device which are designed to help you reach your ultimate attention goals.  Other 1st and 3rd party apps such as xWave tunes and a Tug-of-Mind game are also available for use with the xWave system.

xWave is available from PLX Devices for $99 and the Visualizer application is Free on the iTunes app store.

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