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Pocket Mechanic Prototype App Shown For WP7

pocketmechanicwp7As many of you know, all of us here at Mobility Digest have day jobs. We are only stealthy bloggers by day and juggle a lot of “real” work around our blogging. It just so happens that the job I do during the day has to do with the High Performance Automotive Industry, and more specifically engine related components. One of the component manufacturers I work with actually makes Performance Ignitions Systems for several different types of racing. So when I saw this prototype app from I immediately got excited about the prospect of using this app as a selling and training aid in the field as well as the many trade shows I attend. Even though the ignition system demonstrated is VW Bug from 1960, not something one would think of in terms of performance (Air cooled motor), it does show of the XNA developed app that will allow you 6 degrees of view ( forward/backward, up/down, left/right ). The 3D elements of this app would be super useful highlighting the different components that make up an assembly like a distributor in an ignition system. As I say, this is still just a prototype from but I think this could have a big impact in many industries and not just Automotive. Check out the video:

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