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PocketLava 1.0 – the Virtual Lava Lamp

PocketLava is a nice entertainment app that simulates a real lava lamp plus plasma ball. It behaves almost like a real lava lamp in how realistically it creates the bubbles without any user interaction. The app does not support any background music but you can still run your choice of music using any music player and starting it when you launch PocketLava. Once run, just keep looking at the screen and let PocketLava help you relax. Every effect you see on the screen is a result of multiple real-time mathematical calculations happening in the background. To ignite the lava lamp, click ‘*’. Click ‘*’ again to switch off the lava lamp and click ‘x’ to exit.

The screen back light settings are untouched to let the back light get dim after a while and save your device power. To override this behavior, you can either touch the screen and bring the full back light on, or download the LightJacker utility as recommended by the developer to keep the back light full all the time. The instructions to use LightJacker with PocketLava are here.

The developer bbonzz has just released this app and it supports the VGA, WVGA, QVGA, and WQVGA displays. It is available in free and pro versions. In the pro version, which is available for any amount of donation to the developer, you can customize the parameters like bubble density, fluid viscosity, bubbles radius, cooling time, lava color, lamp color, color of lights, and the degree of randomness. This is a long list of customizations available for a small app like this. The free version is good as well but without any customization options.

To download the app and read more details, click here.