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PocketRunner – Exercise Your Fingers

From Bbonzz comes another classic. This one is called PocketRunner.  You need to run as fast as you can using your fingers. The track moves with you in real time (and graphically it’s smooth as butter).  And because of the engine used to create the game, you don’t have to worry about lifting one finger before placing the other finger. it detects both fingers even when both are on the screen at the same time – neat trick. Personally I’ve been giving the two handed – two thumb technique a go and have been pretty happy with it:)

This games is a simple time killer and also a great game to pass around (drinking may or may not be involved:)).The lite version lets you run all you want on one course but doesn’t record your speed. If you give a small donation then you get all five tracks plus it records your top speed so you can try to beat your high score. The pro version also lets you change the distance to the actual distance of your screen that you are covering and switch speeds from cm/h and mph.  By the way, for those who think they’ve seen an app like this, you may have seen the iPhone version called Finger Sprint and having seen both, they are on par with each other both in terms of graphics and controls.

The download is available here. It’s worth giving it a go – it’s simple entertainment.