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Pool Plus Friends – A Multiplayer WP7 Game Gets Update

One of my favorite games on Windows Phone, Pool Plus Friends, got an update today.  The update (version 1.2) includes the following features:

  • Precision Aiming (Thank the heavens!)
  • New Avatars (looks like 48 total)
  • New Game Modes
  • Solo Challenges (16!)
  • Push & Tile Notifications (inside the app)
  • Enhanced Network Improvements

The developer also mentions that high scores and tournaments are coming soon.

As much as it’s great to see this game get an update, I would love to see more high-quality multiplayer games on the platform.  Wordament, AlphaJax and Pool Plus Friends are all great but not enough.  Frankly, I’m surprised that there aren’t any multiplayer card games in the Marketplace yet.  Let’s see what the future brings.

Here’s the download link (opens Zune on your PC, Marketplace on your device).  The game is $1.99 with a free trial.