When the Fuze shipped it was missing the software for the FM radio to work but the hardware was active (of course, we had the software waiting:)). Between the Diamond and Touch Pro variants it turned out that some devices did not have the hardware. When looking at the TP2, HTC’s website does not list the FM radio as a feature. However, when we did a comparison of the upcoming devices we noted “FM radio not included in specs but likely”. Just to clear up the issue, the TP2 does have the required FM radio hardware and the software is on XDA.  Just like the Touch Pro, a wired headset is needed to act as an antennae. So like always, you may as well download it now and have it ready to go when your day comes:)


  1. Apr23Nathan and Kirsten Super cute you three:)! It is so fun that you let us feel her move wow there is a real person in there that we can’t wait to meet.

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