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Possible iPhone 5 video appears detailing the inside structure

I was just saying that there has not been a lot of leaked information about the next generation iPhone which is now being slated as the iPhone 5. One of the things we knew for sure is that the iPhone 5 would be coming with NFC. Today we get a pretty nice 5 minute video from a parts supplier to Apple for the iPhone called Global Direct Parts (dot com) that is detailing some of the changes being made to the iPhone 5 from the current model iPhone 4.

In the opening seconds of the video it is suggested that this could also be the CDMA Version of the iPhone going to Verizon. The only questionable part of that comment is that during the video the iPhone 5 as they go on the reference it has a micro-SIM card slot indicating that if this is on fact the Verizon version of the iPhone that it would be a global version.

At the beginning of the video there is a quick comparison of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4 pictured together and which is a little depressing for anyone hoping for a larger screen. Other than that, until the video disassembles the iPhone 5, there are only some slight differences.

Some of the differences between the two devices was some length added to the iPhone 5 Charging Port Flex Ribbon, but both had the microphone, home button connector, and the loud speaker connector. Both appeared to be the same width. Some more differences here found in the Audio Flex Ribbon on the iPhone 5 which was significantly different in length and some changes made that could improve video chat.

The balance of the video contains the differences between the iPhone 4 and 5 Middle Plates. There are some small subtle differences noticed here but mainly the addition of a new metal band around the top of the Home Button indicated that Apple could be addressing the dropped call issue that plagued them early on during the launch of the iPhone 4. Some other adds are extra screw holes which appear to add more rigidity to the device itself.

That is pretty much everything of any importance that came out of the video. They go on to say that there would be more information next week pertaining to motherboards and LCD’s. So stay tuned until next week when perhaps we might learn a little more about the next generation iPhone 5 either for Verizon or coming to AT&T.

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