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Pro Audio To Go Comes to iOS

I hope you’ve had a better morning than me. My goofy little dog whacked me right in my eyeball. I mean exactly in my eyeball, she’s still a puppy really, under a year and she jumped up to me just as I was turning my head and her nose went right into my eye at full force. My eye hurts quite a bit right now, it’s blurry so it makes reading PR interesting. Anyway, are you looking for a way to record audio, I mean record it decently? Rev Up Transmedia make have a solution for you in their new app called pro Audio To Go that was actually developed for CNN journalists to record breaking news on the go. I’m not sure how exactly the app works to make the microphone better on the iPhone, but hey for $29.99 it has to be good right?

Put away that heavy Marantz, Pro Audio To Go was designed to take the place of big, cumbersome, expensive digital audio recorders. Pro Audio To Go converts the pocket-sized iPhone into a one-tap professional recording device that records 48 kHz audio in AIFF format. The recording can then be dropped directly into a Final Cut, Avid or Premiere timeline to begin editing immediately, uploaded to an FTP site or emailed to a production team member. No compression required. You can customize the equalization as well as connect most mics to your iPhone with a special XLR connector.

The app was developed the for CNN journalists who needed to record fast breaking news stories – so we made the app just one tap to record,” said Diana Weynand, President of Rev Up Transmedia. “They use different mics at different times so we created presets on the EQ panel. Funny thing is,” adds Weynand, “using the iPhone’s internal mic with the Pro Audio To Go app gives you great results as well.”

With Pro Audio To Go, iPhone users can create top quality audio recordings with the tap of a button. It’s available in the iTunes App Store for $29.99. And ‘tis the Season to use the iTunes “Gift This App” feature, which makes it easy to give this amazing app to those interested in having a professional quality audio recorder in the palm of their hands.