Let’s swap protips. It’s Saturday. I’ll start. If you close a tab, and subsequently regret having done that, Ctrl+Shift+T restores it baby!

Your turn, hook each other up with protips in the comments. I’ll declare a winner (unless this gets no comments, or if I forget). Proceed.


  1. You can take ibuprofen and paracetamol at the same time, and pain tablets work just as well for cramps as headaches.

  2. One that I use a lot once I read about it is, on Windows devices, Windows+left or right arrow to snap the active window to the left or right half of the screen. Windows+up arrow returns to full screen.

    @who dis? My personal use depends on the context. “I will check my email” with an implied “program” at the end that isn’t said. “I have lots of emails in my inbox” when I KNOW there are multiples. “I will send an email to the group” because I’m SENDING one, even though it’s going to multiple people. “I have email!” applies to 1 and many, however. “I will send emails” sounds better to me, when meaning multiple items sent.
    But I don’t know any “official” rules or usage.

  3. Nice Surur, thank you.

    I’ve got a question. Suppose I’m driving uphill at a constant speed, the automatic downshifts a notch to maintain that speed. If I shift up to the highest gear at which I can maintain the speed (though with my foot down harder on the peddle), am I saving gas? Is gas use a direct function of rpms?

    One other protip question, does driving with the AC off save gas? How about windows up or down at high speeds, any effect?

    Lastly, I’m the kind of guy who likes to over-inflate his tires. For tires rated at 30 psi, where would you draw the line and tell me that that’s just way too high? Like, 37?

  4. I dont know anything about cars, but maintaining speed while going up a hill is the same as accelerating on a flat road, which of course wastes gas. If you are interested in fuel economy it makes it a lot more sense to let the car slow down naturally.

  5. WTH is this? I’m chuckling while shaking my head at the same time. This is the magic of the internet folks.

  6. In Windows 8 you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt-Tab to get a popup that allows you to cycle through all open apps and desktop windows. But there is an easier way. Go to your Windows folder in Windows Explorer and search for *switcher.lnk. Copy “Windows Switcher.lnk” to the following folder; C:/ProgramData>Microsoft>Windows>Start Menu (you can locate Windows Switcher anywhere within the Start Menu folder.

    That shortcut is now accessible from your Win 8 Start Screen. Right click and select All Apps. Look for Windows Switcher (W) and pin it to your Win 8 Start Screen. I located it as a half wide tile right next to my Desktop tile for quick access to everything I currently have opened.

    Bonus: If you search the Windows folder for *.lnk you will find some other tidbits aside from Windows Switcher.
    Double Bonus: Any shortcut you place in the Start Menu folder can be pinned to the Win 8 Start Screen.

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