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Could This Be The Ultimate Travel Mug For Tech Geeks?

I love drinking coffee and I like my tech gadgets. Even though I drink my coffee and use my iPhone at the same time I never thought of combining them together to recharge my device! It looks pretty cool but some of the pictures have the coffee opening on the same side as the charging/holder for the device. That’s not a good idea for folks like me who routinely wear some of their coffee having spilled it while driving. It’s a Kickstarter product and who knows where it will go, but I thought it was pretty kewl idea non the less. Check it out here: (caution, their sever seems to be having a rough time of it).

-Leak-proof, forever! It provides a convenient attached screw cap.( all the current mechanisms of closing soon or later start leaking because they all depend on some kind of fancy mechanism)

-No more “out of battery” case! A Li-ion battery pack (with a patent pending wireless charging as well) provides up to three charges on a regular smartphone.

-Get advantage of the smartphone features! An inscribed mobile holder with magnetic attachment allows the mobile device to be used as: 1) Public transport assistant; 2) Discreet helper;3) Personal Video Operator;4)Desk accessory attendant ( All these scenarios are well pic-explained on )