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PSA: Don’t Use Your Cell In The Elevator

Look, I’m not Kanye West crazy, but seriously every day I have to deal with some idiot who walks into the elevator and either tries to continue a phone call or worse yet, starts to make a phone call inside an elevator. It’s always the same. “Wait, I’m in an elevator” “I’m almost out” “Are you still there?” each time getting louder than the time before. Listen up: cell phone reception in a metal box surrounded by concrete sucks so if you’re about to make a call just wait. You’ll make your precious call in 30 seconds. If you’re on a call just say “I’m going to put you on hold until I get off the elevator." It’s not a hard thing to do and everyone will be better for it. The person you’re talking to can’t appreciate taking an elevator ride with you and I sure as hell don’t like listening to you try to yell over a signal that’s breaking up. News flash- talking louder doesn’t change the fact that you have poor reception in an elevator. It’s like touching that spot on the iPhone 4 and trying to talk over it as the signal degrades.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to put a bluetooth headset on and walk down the street talking extremely loud seemingly to myself…