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PSA: iPhone Users MUST Reset Repeating Alarms

imageWow, an all caps ‘must’…well I guess it’s not that important unless you want to wake up on time. As you know by now, iOS has a bug where repeating alarms do not account for daylight savings time (those Europeans took one for the team).  And now it’s our turn to go through daylight savings and get the bug. So come Monday morning your iPhone alarm will ring an hour late even though your clock is adjusted. You options are to use non-repeating alarms (which aren’t impacted by the bug) or to set the alarm after November 7. Any repeating alarm you already have set up will be victim to this so if any are coming up soon make sure you delete them and reset them.

And for those concerned that this is something Apple needs to fix, they will fix it at the end of the month after everyone in the world has already been impacted by it. Way to be on top of things Steve – I can’t wait for all of your US stores to open late on Monday.