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HTC One Honors BlackBerry Z10?


As much as people love to compare all things mobile to products from Apple I actually think the anticipated HTC M7 (code name) resembles the BlackBerry Z10. What is also notable of the supposedly leaked press shot of the HTC One is the cards for lack of better term) or pane view HTC seems to be showing off. We all know Android is the king of widgets and as we see in BlackBerry 10 the trend to have active information up front and center to the user is in full swing. The only holdout to this movement is Apple.

Personally I find the above render of the HTC One pretty good. The top actually reminds me of the machining HTC did on the Evo 4G and they just brought the same machining to the bottom portion. In any case I find it important to note that faced with an increasingly similar UI implementation between Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone it will come down to the OS and brand you’re most familiar with.

Do you think the HTC One resembles the BlackBerry Z10? Or is it simply a desperate last ditch effort from HTC to play the “me too” design card from Apple? Sound off in the comments below.