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Fuze PTT Remapping Revisited (Application)

Way back on November 16 I posted a step by step tutorial on how to remap your PTT button. And it worked provided that you were willing to manually make a series of changes to your registry and perform a lot of other manual tasks that ultimately worked for most people. Well, the days of going through your registry step by step are over. XDA member xcsdm has created an application that once installed will permit you to go to Settings – Buttons and assign your PTT button to a long and short press by simply picking an application in the same manner as you could for the Long Send button. So now there’s no more manual tweaking, just a question of installing the application and selecting its function so it’s quick and simple and best of all it works.

Some users complained that they were still receiving the PTT warning (that they were going to be charged for using PTT) even after installing the application so I reworked xcsdm’s cab to include a few registry values to overwrite the PTT application so it will stop the PTT popup from occurring.

So, if you have a ROM that has the PTT button disabled or if you have already manually disabled the PTT warning then install the original application from xcsdm here from our forums or here from XDA. If you have a stock ROM that has not had the PTT button disabled then install the version that I added a few registry values here. Once installed you should go to Start – Settings – Buttons to change the functions. if you wish to re-enable the PTT button for any reason there is a cab located in the Windows directory named RaphaelPTT…cab that will do it.  If you don’t know how to install an application then read this.

All thanks and credit go once again to xcsdm who created this application and thank you to the testers in our forums who tested this app.

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