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Put Santa into any Photo with the Instant Santa iPhone app

Today must be a special day or something because I’ve got a ton of emails with new games and apps being announced today. The first one is Instant Santa that allows you to put Santa Claus in any photo. There is a free and a 99 cent version. The free version comes with only one Santa while the paid version comes with six. if you want something different you can get the ‘Bad Santa’ add-on pack for another 99 cents. So have some fun this season or surprise your kids maybe with pictures of Santa Claus visiting your house!


Instant Santa, the top Santa app this holiday season, proves to kids that Santa was really in the living room!

Created by Chicago-based Fueled, Inc., Instant Santa can be downloaded onto any iPhone or iPad2. Pace Santa anywhere in a home, even interacting with other people and pets. Users select a Santa pose, then frame, crop or resize the image to fit into any background.

This answers the question for any child who asks “Is Santa real?” says Tony Christos, partner of Fueled, Inc. and creator of Instant Santa. “Our app is really easy to use and we think it’s a lot of fun for both children and adults.”

The free version comes with one Santa. Or, users can upgrade to the “Good Santa” pack for 99¢, which has six images of the jolly man placing gifts, reading his naughty/nice list, eating cookies, and other heartwarming poses. For those who are more mischievous, there is a “Bad Santa” pack available for 99¢ with nine images of naughty St. Nick in funny (and slightly provocative) poses like chugging alcohol, engaged in a fake fist fight and even Star Wars Santa. Pictures can be easily shared via social networks such as Twitter and via Email.

Instant Santa is a top 100 app and has been featured in Mashable, AllTop, FunnyorDie and the “What’s Hot” entertainment section in the iTunes App Store.

Fueled, Inc. is currently running a promotion, awarding a $20 iTunes gift card weekly to its favorite Instant Santa photos that users can send via email. Winners also will be posted on the website.