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Putt In – Golf For Windows Phone Is Great

I just tried the trial of Putt In – Golf for Windows Phone and I’m very impressed. It’s a 3D putting game and the controls are very easy to use and the experience is great. To shoot, it’s a single finger, pulling back that also lets you aim. In the easy mode you have an arrow to show you the direction and speed (based on the length you pull back and the angle) but in hard mode that’s removed. It takes about 2 shots to get used to how to shoot….yeah that was easy. Oh and if you want to change the camera angle just take a finger to the screen (starting anywhere but on the ball) and slide to rotate. It also has three game types – normal, an obstacle mode (where obstacles are moving and you need to avoid them) and trophy mode (where you need to hit the trophies on the course in order to finish). This compliments 18 holes and an online leaderboard. It’s $2 and has a trial mode that lets you play the first two holes. It’s worth giving it a try.