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PyramidZ Previewed For Windows Phone 7

Pyramidz is available for the iPhone and iPad and it’s now announced to be coming to Windows Phone 7. It’s Bejeweled style but you swipe and that causes the blocks on the sides (or top/bottom) to rotate around. Looks like incredible (and fast) game play. Here’s the descirption:

PyramidZ, winning on Facebook, puzzle game is now available on Windows Phone 7!
The principle is simple: drag the lines to make combinations of at least 3 identical squares, earn bonus and make the maximum of points!

This version contains 3 modes:
-Blitz: Classic mode in 4 minutes
-Endurance: without time limit. It must be fast and effective!
-Training: to be lead to make the best combinations without time limit

Check it out:

It’s part of a Microsofot competition so if you like it go to FaceBook and hit the ‘like’ button here. Check their site for more information.