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Qualcomm and HTC Line Up For 7

Both Qualcomm and HTC have issued press releases regarding Windows Phone 7. Qualcomm notes that it is working with its Snapdragon chipset  for Windows Phone 7. Qualcomm notes that it’s “the first chipset company to support Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series.” That implies that MS has approved it for certification but may also suggest that the demo phone running today was using a Snapdragon. As for HTC it was noted that it took them a long time to develop the HD2 because they were pretty much given WM 6.5 and left on their own. MS plans on working with HTC (and other manufacturers) going forward so that MS will be working hand in hand with them to get products out the door and they intend to limit this to products that are satisfactory to both sides.

So yes, everyone of our old friends are back again…but anyone else expecting a real fresh start with some new chips (Tegra) and some other manufacturers jumping up and down?