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Quick Tip: How To Change TF3D Wallpaper

I see this question asked a lot so I thought I would put this up as a Quick Tip to help cut down some of your search time. Also, I am going to post this in out Tips and Tricks Thread in the Forums! If you haven’t stopped by our Forums, you should! There is a ton of information and discussion by Fuze/Touch Pro Owners like you and me! We also have tons of members who are always willing to help.

So how do you change the Wallpaper on TF3D? Easy our own Mobile Matt has hooked us up:

To load wallpaper in TF3D;
1) Go to TF3D settings tab
2) Click on Wallpaper (3rd icon from top)
3) Click "NO" when asked to use default wallpaper
4) Click on FuzeBerry Wallpaper Folder
5) Click on desired wallpaper

If you don’t have FuzeBerry (Why Not?) then just navigate to the Folder where the Wallpaper you wish to use is located!

Thanks to Mobile Matt & his New Website!

Photo From XDA