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Review of HTC Double Dip Flip Case for HTC One

HTC makes phones as I’m sure you know but they also make some accessories for those phones. Up for review today I have the Double Dip Flip case form HTC which is designed for the HTC One Android phone. Obviously by the name it’s a flip style case which basically means it has a flip cover for the front. The case offers basic protection and looks pretty good while doing it. The case offers access to all the ports and it even has a built-in stand so you can enjoy your multimedia on the go. So read on…


Vendor: Gear Zap

Price: £18.99 / $29.85

Overall Rating: 4.5/5



Genuine HTC One Double Dip Flip Case – HC V841

High quality stand for comfortable viewing
On the Double Dip Flip Case is a high quality, multi-level viewing stand that will allow you to comfortably watch your HTC One at many angles.

Ensures good protection for your HTC One
Serving as an excellent protective solution for your HTC device, the Double Dip Flip Case will keep your HTC One free from scratches and damage, helping to keep it looking as good as new.

Cut-outs for all ports and features
Designed with cut-outs for all of the ports and features on your HTC One, you’ll never need to remove the case in order to access any aspect of your device.

Genuine HTC product
As this is a genuine HTC product, a perfect fit and high quality manufacturing are guaranteed.


The Double Dip Flip case was provided by Gear Zap for review where you can also find plenty of other styles of HTC One hard cases, soft cases and anything and everything in between.


What’s in the Box?


The packaging is very basic, just a box with large window on the front and some info on the back.



The case looks fairly plain, the front has cut-outs for both speakers along with the HTC logo. The front and back of the case are black and they look leather but HTC says this on their site about it: Leather like Polycarbonate. So whatever that means, it does look like leather though so I guess that’s what matters.



The back of the case is black as well and there are opening for the camera, flash and secondary microphone.



Here’s a close up of the openings and of the leather like polycarbonate material and it does have a leather like texture and look to it.



When you open up the case you’ll find the very basic instructions on how to use it



The inside of the case is a soft bright red material which is just listed as a microfiber. The bright red is a nice contrast to the dark black of the outside. The rear of the case has plastic on the top and bottom and basically the entire right side is plastic, the part that is black in color.





Impressions / Review:


Putting the HTC One in the case is easy, just slide the top into the plastic part and snap the bottom in place.



When your phone is in the case, the holes line up so the speakers can still be heard.



With the phone in the case the back looks pretty much the same as without, except now you can see the camera and flash. Not much to see here really…



The holes around the flash and camera are beveled outward so as not to interfere with either.



The top of the case is wide open near the power button which is also the infrared transmitter so the case won’t interfere with its use. There is a hole cut-out for the audio jack, and it’s slightly larger than the audio jack itself so any headphones should fit just fine.



It’s a flip style case so the right side where the volume control is happens to be fully open and you can access the volume easily.



There is a but-out on the bottom as well for the microUSB port and a small hole for the microphone there.



The micro SIM slot is on the left side of the HTC One and obviously you can’t access it without opening the case, which is fine by me.



The built-in stand is interesting as it doesn’t actually lock in place, the phone is held up by gravity and friction essentially but it does stay up.



You can adjust the angle of the phone by sliding it forward and back, very simple design.







The HTC Double Dip Flip case for the HTC One isn’t bad overall, it looks nice and it does work to protect your phone.

The inside of the case is made from a soft microfiber material that won’t scratch the screen or the back of the phone.

Yes it’s not leather, but it looks like leather and if you don’t tell anybody they won’t know the difference. The polycarbonate material is similar to leather in most respects and should provide the same amount of protection for the phone.

The built-in stand is handy if you use your phone in landscape mode often like watching movies for example. The stand will hold the phone up and you won’t have to worry about it falling over.

The Double Dip isn’t a bad case but personally I think it just feels kind of cheap to me or I should say cheaply made, but that’s just my opinion. Objectively it seems like a decent case, personally I wouldn’t use it myself as it’s not my style really.



+Decent protection
+Easy access to buttons and ports
+Built-in stand


-Feels kind of cheaply made honestly



Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; I do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.