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Raved Comes to Android

Another social networking based app comes to Android, this one is called Raved and it’s basically friend powered recommendations about everything from travel to food. Instead of ‘Liking’ and ‘Checking-in’ you ‘Rave’ about something and share it with your friends. If I actually had a social life outside of my kids this might be worth it?! Sometimes I really miss being young and single or not married with children…


Discover, Save and Share great places with friends.

You have places you like. Your friends know cool places, too. Raved makes it easy for you to discover, save and share great places with friends and people you trust. From restaurants to retail shops, day spas to night clubs, hotels to home service companies, they’re all there.

Raved combines our unique friend-powered recommendation engine with aspects of Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and Pinterest to let you:

•Discover great places your friends recommend
•Save your favorites to get deals and useful information on the go
•Share places you love so your friends can love them, too

Recommendations you can trust. Raved is all about places you and your friends recommend. With Raved, you can see who recommended it, when and why they’re raving about it. Also, you can easily ask any of your friends for help to get more ‘Raves’ and ‘Tips’ for places you’re interested in trying.

Places you like, right from the start. The Raved Discovery screen shows you places nearby that are hot with your friends. No need to enter places, find friends or follow anyone to start. Raved can tap into your existing social networks like Facebook and Foursquare to gather your friends’ ‘Likes,’ ‘Check-ins’ and ‘Raves’. Raved also pulls in tons of content about your favorites like pictures, hours, offers, Facebook posts, and useful links to resources like maps, OpenTable, menus and more.

You decide what to share. Raved lets you choose to save a place just for yourself or share it with friends. You can bookmark a business you want to try or keep on a private list so you’ll never have to search for its number again. Or, if you want to share your recommendation with friends, just ‘Rave’ it. Either way, it’s as simple as one tap while on-the-go.

Good friends. Great places. That’s Raved!