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GPS Bookmarker Comes to Android and iPhone

Hmm.. When I first read this I thought it was just an app to save GPS locations, but it’s much more than that. Once you save something you can actually have the app give you turn-by-turn directions to get to those bookmarked places. The app is $1.50, so that’s not too bad I guess.


This new iPhone App GPS Bookmarker is not a typical GPS location device. It allows users to save and personalize their favorite locations by adding details such as a name, a phone number, a photo or even a voice memo about the location.

Indeed, discovering a new location is one thing, finding the way back to that location is something else entirely. To help avoid that situation, Typhoon Apps announced the release of their new application called "GPS Bookmarker", made specifically for iPhone and Android users.

  • Ever been heading to an appointment and seen a great new store but just don’t have the time to stop and shop? With GPS Bookmarker simply save the location, add a picture and take a leisurely trip back to the store another time.
  • Ever been through the hassle of looking for a new home? With GPS Bookmarker users can photograph a dream home for sale, save the location, record voice comments about the neighborhood, and go as far as taking a picture of the real-estate yard sign.
  • What about those enormous parking lots at the mall? Ever gone shopping only to forget exactly where the car is parked? No more worries … with GPS Bookmarker users can mark the location, add a picture of the lot location, or add a note such as Lot C, Parking Space 89.
  • How about meeting a friend at a new restaurant only to have the friend call to say they are completely lost. No problem, with GPS Bookmarker users can simply email or SMS their location to friends.

Once users save a location on their iPhone, they can review the bookmark, check the address, or even ask GPS Bookmarker to navigate to that location using Turn-by-Turn directions. It’s that simple! With GPS Bookmarker iPhone users should now be able to find their way around. For more information go to