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Razer Blade 17.3-inch LED Gaming Laptop Interface Hand-On and Initial Impressions @ TweakTown

Here’s two more from the news box for you, and it’s all about the new Razer Blade gaming laptop. TweakTown managed to get their hands on one apparently and they’ve posted two articles about it, one with their initial impressions and one about the interface and a hands-on video of it working. I for one would love one of these things, but it’s way out of my price range and I just couldn’t justify the purchase really. My gaming PC is hooked up to my 47” HDTV, so I think that’s more than enough for my gaming needs, I don’t think I need portable really. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want one…

Razer Blade 17.3-inch LED Gaming Laptop Initial Impressions Preview
QUOTE: “That’s brings us to where we are right now. I took the Blade away from Shane for a day or so to give it a look over myself – after all, it is a hot new piece of hardware and I needed some time with it, too. Initially I have to say I am fairly impressed with the Blade. I mean, I’ve seen it from a bit of a distance last month at CES in Las Vegas and just last weekend at the Taipei Game Show and while I was pretty impressed, I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about.
Having played with the Blade here in my home office and without what seemed like ten thousands kids around me, I like the Blade. It’s out of stock right now as Razer try their hardest to fill orders (it’s expected to come back into stock around the middle of this month), but it does cost $2,800 USD. In a time where most companies are trying to be price conscious in a market which demands it, Razer is bucking the trend and coming out with a high-end piece of tech equipment which they want every gamer to own.”

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Razer Blade Switchblade User Interface Panel Hands-on
QUOTE: “What we want to do now is giving you a full hands-on look at the Switchblade User Interface panel that comes with the Blade. I guess in the design phase, the Razer folk thought in their efforts to create a highly focused gaming laptop that the regular touch pad in its centralized and boring location had to go and I applaud them for doing do. I personally cannot stand laptop touchpads and encourage other tech companies to get out of the square and experiment like Razer has done with the Switchblade UI.
If you are new to this whole talk about the Switchblade UI, let me sum it up right now. Gone is the run-of-the-mill regular touch pad and number pad area. The Switchblade UI is a combination of functions that is placed where the number pad is usually located on a keyboard. It is a combination of ten fully customizable buttons with graphical icons (Razer call them Dynamic Adaptive Tactile keys) as well as a four point multi-touch touch pad with gesture support and under the touch layer is a 4.05-inch LCD screen with an 800 x 480 resolution. There are also left and right click buttons as you’d see on a usual laptop touch pad. I doubt these buttons would get used much as any real gamer probably would have a gaming mouse hooked up to the Blade via USB.”

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