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Great News, Howard’s on Twitter; Considering Xoom

howardstern_xoomIf you’re a fan or if you hate him, he’s the last guy other than your dad you’d expect to find on Twitter but after going with an Android phone, someone got him hooked on Twitter, @howardstern, perhaps in an effort to continue to hold the title of King of All Media (actually to promote Sirius’s smartphone apps but he appears to be enjoying himself). Someone on the Today show, one of those shows, said he’s probably got someone else tweeting for him. Noting that what he’s been tweeting falls rather short of profound (also remarking that he disapproves of people who wait forever until they decide they have a brilliant tweet to twit, that people should just tweet) he categorically denied that. Take a look, it’s him, conquering a new medium. Watch out Ashton and Bieber. He’s been tweeting since Sunday and already is closing in on 200K followers – not bad.

And you know this account is definitely Beetlejuice:

In other news, in response to one of my articles, Sirius finally revamped their website and player which is compatible in all browsers, though pretty buggy. I heard there’s more to Sirius than Howard so for those of you without subscriptions, I strongly recommend you at least give their site a once-over, maybe get a trial account or just take my word for it and sign up. Don’t have a car? Neither do I. Listen on your computer and your phone (unless it’s WinPho — sorry fellas).

My take on Twitter’s secret to success? The 140 limit.

Doug Simmons