writers-block-videoWanted to give a shout out to one of our readers who retweets us on Twitter all the time Jeff Daly. He just sent me a link to a video called Writers Block that he shot on a HTC Titan Windows Phone. He has a production company that is starting to deal in small projects with Windows Phones and this is one of his first “experimental” projects.

“We could use no pro lights, no pro microphone (even though I have an adapter to plug one in through the headset jack), nothing but the phone. I also had to edit it overnight to "release" it on my birthday.”

Happy Birthday Jeff and thanks for the video. (Jeff’s Blog Daly Dose)


  1. Styluses you haven’t heard of ey called ninetndo ds and yeah you can buy stylus for the iphone too, they’re not playing catch up flash and copy and paste are things the iphone and ipod touch still can’t do, you can say what you like about microsoft but at least they’re willing you give you the BASIC facial appearance that Apple products lack.

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