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RealDice Texas Hold’em – Free Online Multiplayer Poker

RealDice Texas Hold’em is a great free app. It’s free because of Microsoft’s Total Access (which you need to join for free to be able to download) and otherwise it is for sale for $20 on RealDice’s website. So when you download this game you are getting a full commercially developed game. And for those of you using a VGA phone it does autodetect your resolution and the graphics are sharp (take a look at the screenshot). Installation actually involves you running an application that merely launches an application to download another application that you then install (strange, but it only takes a few seconds). Once installed you need to register for free in order to do online gaming which is a one-time thing. I will say that if you’re into poker then I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t love this. You can play single player or you can jump online into various games that have different buy-ins. I played at a table with 6 people and it moves fast (in a good way).It’s very easy to play and you can even chat during the game. Here’s a complete set of features:


  • Support for every Windows Mobile device.

  • Free Desktop and Facebook version for when it’s more convenient to play on the big screen.

  • Full tables 24/7, meet and chat with people from around the world in ring games, sit-n-go tourneys, and multi-table events.

  • Live tournaments every 15 minutes!

  • Beautiful 3D hi-res graphics for the ultimate hold’em experience.

  • Offline play for practice, airplanes, or privacy.

  • Winner “Poker Game of the Year,” Windows Mobile Magazine in ’05, ’06, ’07.

  • 10-player tables, and a free comprehensive strategy guide for all levels.

    Now remember, playing online means you maintain a constant internet stream (so you’ll feel a nice warm battery in no time) but it’s really a neat feature and adds a lot to the game. If you want to play against the computer (phone?) then you can play offline against as many players as you want as well and save your battery. This is a great time waster for those of you who aren’t into poker and a great time filler for those of you that really love it. It’s easy to play, fast and fun. It’s a great fully developed game and you’ll notice how feature rich it as as soon as you start playing (and then keep playing until you realize it’s 3am:)).

  • This is just one of the free games noted by No1ustad which list was so impressive it’s copied here in our forums as well which is a great list of free commercially developed games including some multi-player games.