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RealNetworks Releases Little Shop: World Traveler for Windows Phones

RealNetworks/Gamehouse has been on a recent spree for Windows Phones and today they released Little Shop: World Traveler. This is an iSpy type game that’s been available for iOS and Android. If you look at the images in Marketplace on your phone you immediately see why the game works – it’s extremely detailed and the images are great. You need to zoom around to find the objects and it’s not like the kiddie version. Here’s their description:

Pack your bags and get set to travel the world in search of amazing items in Little Shop: World Traveler, an exciting hidden object game that lets you shop till you drop! In this seek-and-find adventure, an anonymous person with an offer you can’t refuse has persuaded you out of retirement. Your assignment is to search exotic locations all over the world to find one-of-a-kind souvenirs. With the entire planet now your shopping destination, get set to touch down in some amazing locations such as Tahiti, Australia and Morocco! Add the manic Blitz mode and collectible trophies to your retail experience for a global shopping spree you’ll remember forever!

You can check it out here. It’s $2 and there is a trial.