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RealPlayer Launches for Android

Wow, I thought RealPlayer died a horrible death long ago, but apparently it’s a zombie and it’s back. I hated RealPlayer and I think most people out there did as well, but apparently a new generation doesn’t feel the way I do as it was one of the most popular media players during its beta phase?! I guess you young people are going to learn the way we all did about RealPlayer unless of course they changed things for the better, but somehow I doubt it. If you recall long ago RealPlayer was actually categorized as Malware or Badware?! It was actually on a list of the 25 worst tech products of all time! If you want it, go get it as it’s available now on Google Play

So, you just got your new Android Smartphone or tablet and there seems to be an app for just about everything.  Why consider adding another media player?  Your mobile digital media experience doesn’t have to be so complex!

RealNetworks Inc. today introduced the RealPlayer app for Android – an all-in-one app for music, videos and photos – that provides a much easier way to manage your mobile media experience.  RealPlayer continues to be one of the most recognized media player brands in the world. According to the June 2012 survey by Forrester Research, Inc., "Q2 2012 Forrester Online Omnibus", the brand had 84% awareness in the US.*

The RealPlayer app for Android offers an easier way to enjoy music, videos and photos on the go.  It simplifies the experience by letting you get all your entertainment with just one click –eliminating the need for multiple players and apps to browse your music; play your videos; get your photos; and connect and share on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

See a video demo of the RealPlayer app for Android here:

Acclaimed as one of the most popular media players for Android while still in Beta, with more than 11.2 million customers and one of the top three rated music players on Google Play, the RealPlayer app for Android just got better in its first commercial mobile release.  

Now, in addition to its free full-functionality player, RealNetworks today introduced an in-app upgrade with new personalization capabilities, as well as expanded international support in nine languages.

The new in-app premium feature package adds a host of new capabilities, including an equalizer, metadata discovery, widgets, many other personalization tools and, for the first time, RealAudio and RealVideo (RMVB) support. This upgrade is available for a one-time charge of US$4.99, and as you would expect, no advertisements.  For a full list of features and to catch our demo, go to Google Play.

"This is the media player that people want," said Scott Uomoto, SVP Consumer and Helix Divisions of RealNetworks.  "It delivers on what RealNetworks does best: helping people simplify, connect to, and enjoy their digital media in the increasingly complex world of mobile media. We drew on the rich heritage of the RealPlayer media platform, which has close to 500 million installs over the last 2.5 years —with 190 million installs alone over the last 12 months— and is one of the most recognized brands in media players worldwide."

Key Features of the RealPlayer app for Android include the ability to:

  • Easily Organize & Play Music – Use an intuitive interface, metadata discovery, widgets and voice-controlled search.
  • Listen to Music Your Way – You are the DJ with an equalizer, playlist editor, cross fade and personalized radio.
  • Share Your Media – Show off your media on Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Picasa.

To meet the needs of its growing international audience, the RealPlayer app is now localized and available in simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese in addition to English.

The RealPlayer app can be downloaded on Google Play.

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