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RECOOD is for Your Social Video Needs

For the longest time I just sat here trying to come up with a catchy title for this app to use as the headline and I got nothing. Recood is a new app that’s available now for iPhone users with Android support coming early next year. The app let’s you take short videos and instantly share them with other in your social sphere, but it also lets you edit and enhance them as well with different effects. just read the PR to find out more..


AHIKU Corporation, a Korean software developer and service provider of live interactive broadcasting solutions, today announced RECOOD, a new video recording application for worldwide iPhone and Android users to instantly and easily record and share the experiences of their lives directly from their smartphones any time from any location.

RECOOD, characterized as "an Instagram for videos," is a convenient application to share personalized videos, enhanced with sophisticated and unique video filter effects such as Chaplin-style and vintage effects, plus a user-friendly interface design and intuitive ease-of-use.

RECOOD records up to 10 seconds of video which typically enables ample time for users to experience and enjoy content. Users can then instantly share their videos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other SNS accounts by simply clicking the Share icon on the RECOOD screen. Additionally, users can easily view their friends’ videos and build a network of "followers" within RECOOD.

"We developed RECOOD as a social video community of users who want to capture, record and share more detailed memories than what a simple photographic image can provide," said Naru Kim, CEO of AHIKU. "RECOOD enhances the user experience by providing an easier way to share uploaded videos compared to YouTube’s procedures, and connect their experiences with the world." 

AHIKU uses high-quality servers hosted by Amazon Web Services in multiple worldwide locations as its infrastructure platform in the cloud. To begin using RECOOD, users register their email address and password at the login screen, touch the REC icon to record their video and click OK to upload the video into the user’s RECOOD account. Users can then instantly share their videos online by simply clicking the Share icon on the RECOOD screen.

The RECOOD service will be available in October for iPhone iOS 4.1 or higher models, and in Q1’12 for Android 2.2 or higher smartphones. Users can then download RECOOD from the page, or search for the RECOOD app from Apple’s App Store or the Android Market.

The basic RECOOD service is free for recording/uploading 100 videos per month. Additionally, a Freemium plan is available for additional features and unlimited videos.