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Registry Editor Available For All Windows Phone 7 Devices

The TouchXperience project continues and the latest is a registry editor. “HTC, Samsung and LG device should have read/write access, Dell have read only access.” Of course, this is for sideloading only so you need to be unlocked.

Registry Editor for WP7 is a nice and full-featured registry editor and works on all WP7 devices, you can explore and search registry, create/edit/delete registry keys and values.
Registry Editor is for advanced users only, be careful using it, you have a full access to the registry, so deleting or modifying some values may result in unstable or unusable system. Furthermore I don’t have any devices other than HTC to test, that’s why I need beta testers.
This version supports only string and dword values.

For more information or to download it just check it out here.

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