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Remove Headset To Pause TF3D Music

headset I’m sure I’m not the only one that has had their wired headset fall out while listening to music and it starts blaring at full volume. It usually happens on public transportation just when the best part of the song is coming up (you know, the part that they can’t play on the radio). Well, Cythrelo of XDA had the same problem so he created a simple application that pauses music playing through the TF3D tab when the headset is removed. It’s pretty neat – if you keep plugging and unplugging the headset it toggles the music playing and pausing. There’s about a 1/4 second delay to the pause (that’s probably polling and increasing it would lead to battery drain). It’s intended to be a small and lightweight solution that won’t impact your battery and will run silently in the background and autostart with your phone. This is not meant to work with other music players so don’t go around testing that on the bus tomorrow:)

Simply install Headset Monitory from here and reset your phone for it to take effect. It does require .Net 3.5. Nice app Cythrelo.