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Review: Agoztech & LUXM Cases for the Lumia 1020


Call me old fashioned, but I like to carry my phone in a belt case. I don’t wear suits or sports jackets and my trouser pockets are for things like wallet, keys and change. I already have the belt so why not make use of it. I also only like using vertical cases, turned horizontally on my belt. Those horizontal opening cases are just too difficult to yank the phone out of. Third must have is a fixed, metal, swivel belt clip. Those plastic and removable things are useless IMHO. Think the longest I have ever had a case with a plastic clip was about three weeks before it snagged on something and tore the clip apart, with phone tumbling to the ground. Problem is, fewer and fewer case manufacturers are making things like this. And even fewer are making them for the man sized phones that are currently mainstream. So, I wind up relying on Amazon or eBay to provide a solution. I ordered one case from each vendor and they both arrived today. Let’s take a look.


Agoztech Black Vertical Leather Belt Clip Swivel Case


This is as basic as belt clip cases get. Black leather with black stitching, and a full cover magnetic flap. The side gussets have a bit of that stretch material to provide a little give. My L1020,  with Charging Plate attached, fit very nicely in the case. Not tight, but snug enough to keep the phone from moving around. Sliding it out is a simple two finger affair. The magnetic flap works well and sits flat. The inside of the case is fully lined. My only knock on this case is the belt clip. While it’s constructed the right way, with metal tang on the end to prevent fraying, the spring tension on the clip itself is weak. That means when I sit down, my love handles might push the case and phone off of my belt. And you know what happens next when I stand up. So, I wouldn’t recommend this case, unless you are way below your BMI. But for the price I will keep it around as a backup.

You can find it here on eBay for $5.98, shipping included.




LUXM Nokia Lumia 1020 Vertical Leather Case w/Red Stitches and Swivel Belt Clip


A similar design as the Agoztech above, but with a few differences. The stitching on the front and back of the case is red, which makes the case look more expensive than it is (wait you hear what it costs). It also has a little metal emblem in the lower right corner for a little bling. The fit of this case is ever so slightly tighter than the case above, but still roomy enough for my L1020 w/Charger Plate attached. It has none of that stretchy material in the gussets, but with a block of wood in it overnight to stretch it out, it should be fine by the morning. When you slide the phone into the case, you will occasionally hit a snag where they folded the material back at the bottom of the gussets (on the inside). Not a big deal, but it will take some getting used to. The full magnetic flap closes well and lays flat. Inside of the case is fully lined, except for the gussets. The metal tipped spring clip is tight, just the way I like it. Very little chance of this case working its way off my belt. For the $0.89 sell price, you can’t go wrong. That’s right, $0.89. But there is a shipping charge (no Prime shipping on this item) of $4.49, so $5.38 total for a nice looking case. For that price I was going to order two, but they doubled the shipping cost so I backed off.

You can find it here on Amazon for $5.38, including shipping.



Not everyone uses a belt case, but if you are in the market for one to protect your 1020, these options would be a good place to start.