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Review of MPOW Grip Pro Grip Pro Mobile Phone Universal Car Mount Holder Cradle

Last week I posted a review about a vent mounted cellphone mount for the car and I picked it because a suction cup wouldn’t really work for me. I was on Slick Deals not long ago and saw a deal on a sort of suction cup car mount from a company called Mpow, it was $9.99 on sale, regularly $13.99, so I had some credit on Amazon and I grabbed it. The ‘sort of’ suction cup part comes in with this mount as it has a sticky gel base but also a suction cup part, or well the suction cup is a sticky gel. The gel base and the great reviews are the reason I picked it up because I thought it would perfect for me and I was right, it works great. So read on to learn about an awesome and inexpensive car mount…


Product: MPOW Grip Pro Grip Pro Mobile Phone Universal Car Mount Holder Cradle

Price: $13.99

Overall Rating: 5/5



Mpow’s Easy One press Locking and releasing feature Just place you device in the holder and press the two arms to lock it tight, and press the button in the left side to release it. All you need is one press with your hand. Super suction cup with sticky gel pad High quality suction cup with sticky gel pad make sure the mount will stay put on most smooth surface and car dashboard. When the suction cup is locked, the gel will vacuum into place and will not move.

1.The Mpow suction cup may not stay attached to dashboard with imperfections or little canals.
2. Operating conditions: Avoid exceeding 185 degree Fahrenheit in summer
3.The suction cup may get loose after staying attached for a long time or in extreme temperatures condition(exceeding 185 degree F). If you feel like the suction cup is losing its grip, just simply wash the suction cup with warm water and let it air dry, that will bring the suction back to mint condition.

Optimal viewing is available by adjusting the Car Mount The Mpow car mount holder is fully adjustable to gain optimal viewing with its 360 degree rotation ball and adjustable neck between the base and the 360 degree rotation ball. More stable structure and higher quality The stability of the mount on the dashboard rely both on the super suction cup with sticky gel pad and the specially designed structure to reduce the whole force moment.

And all products pass 5 different tests at design time: Dropping Test, High Temperature Test, Loading Test, Low Temperature Test, Pulling Test, Vibration Test


What’s in the Box?


The Mpow mounts comes in a fairly plain looking box really. Basic is fine I think.



Inside of the box you’ll find the mount itself in two pieces wrapped in plastic and a brief instruction sheet.



Here’s those two parts, now out of their bags for you. One part is the mounting arm and the other is the cellphone holder. Both parts are plastic, but it does feel solidly made.



The cellphone holder section is mostly covered with a soft black foam, which has a rubber texture to it as well. On the back you’ll find four holes for so you can attach and lock the mount to the arm.

mpow4 mpow5


On the left side of the mount is a small button that when pressed makes the side arms open up very slowly. The arms are on a gear system that locks as you push it in towards the phone. The arms also have the same soft padding on them to protect your phone.

mpow7 mpow6


On the bottom of the mount you’ll find two arms that swing out, these also have the same soft padding on them. The arms are to make sure to phone stays put and doesn’t slide out the bottom.



The bottom of the mount has a lever locking clip for the suction cup. On the side you’ll see a small knob that can be used to adjust and lock the angle of the arm.

mpow9 mpow10

 mpow11 mpow14


On the top of the mount is the bracket that connects to the cellphone holder. On the back of the bracket is another knob that can be used to adjust the angle of the mount and then lock into place.

mpow12 mpow13


The bottom is where you’ll find the suction cup, but not really a suction cup as the black part you see below is sticky, very sticky, but it’s also a suction cup. It’s both, it’s sticky and it’s a suction cup. The sticky part can be re-used over and over again, you just need to wash it with warm water and a little soap and then let it air dry and it should be as good as new.

mpow15 mpow16


Here’s the mount all put together, the cellphone holder just slides and clips onto the base.

mpow17 mpow18




Impressions / Review:


If you paid attention in my last review you’d know I’ve had problems with suction cups in my vehicle as the dashboard is textured and for whatever reason they won’t stick to my windshield. So I do have a plastic disc mounted for my GPS unit on the dashboard to use with the suction cup for the GPS.

The gel part of the mount is made for surfaces like my dashboard that aren’t quite smooth.

Here’s a picture I grabbed from Amazon of the sticky gel:



So I stuck it on the dashboard and it was stuck even before I secured the suction cup in place. Once I locked the suction cup down the mount was really in held in place securely. I’m sure it won’t move even though the dashboard is textured.

mpow19 mpow20


The suction cup base is small enough to use with my plastic disc for the GPS mount so I tried it and it worked great. It worked a bit too great honestly, the once I unlocked the suction cup the sticky part was still very much stuck to the plastic disc and I was afraid it would pull the disc off so I used a fingernail to pry it off.

 mpow21 mpow22


It’s a suction cup so of course I had to try it on my window and it really stuck there, it was very hard to get unstuck from my windshield, which is a good thing as it won’t fall off. Like the other mounting options the sticky suction cup worked very well to hold the mount in place.

mpow23 mpow24


I very much like the fact that it can be adjusted at the phone and at the base section so you can really adjust it to exactly how you want it.





I got this on sale for $9.99 but even at the regular price off $12.99 its still well worth it.

The phone mount part very much holds my phone in place very securely and I don’t have to remove my phone from the case. The mounting arms can be adjusted very easily and they can spread much wider than my HTC One so the Mpow mount can support even larger phones.

I’m truly impressed with the base, I wasn’t sure about the whole sticky thing but I wanted to try it out and I’m very glad I did. The sticky suction cup really works on smooth and not so smooth surfaces and it really sticks to the point where you almost don’t have to use the suction lever to lock it into place.

So I think I found exactly what I wanted in the Mpow mount, it works well and mounts anywhere I need it to on my car.

I can easily recommend this to anyone looking for a universal car mount for their phone.

I do still like the vent mount I got, I’ll keep that as a backup of course, but the Mpow is now my main carphone holder.



+ Inexpensive
+ Very sticky base
+ Very simple to use
+ Well made overall
+ Soft, padded phone holder
+ Extra arms on base to hold phone more securely
+ Side arms extend very far to accommodate most phones


– None that I could find



Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; I do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.