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Review of SKORCH Messenger Bag

Lately I’ve been reviewing a lot of batteries and sound thing, so for a change of pace how about a messenger bag? Up for review today I’ve got an inexpensive yet excellent messenger bag which is simple called the Skorch Messenger Bag. The bag is made of a cotton canvas with plenty of pockets for all you stuff and even a laptop or tablet if you want. You can use it for whatever, school, work, or just everyday stuff. The bag is very well made and seems durable and rugged. Read on the learn more..



Product: SKORCH Messenger Bag

Price: $24.99 (from Amazon at time of review)

Overall Rating: 5/5



This High Quality Shoulder Messenger Bag gives a surprising amount of internal space and will easily carry your laptop, tablet, folders and papers and still have room for a spare item of clothing. Measuring 16 inches wide by 13 inches tall the bag also has a depth of 6 inches at the base.

The wide range of magnetic, zip and easy access pockets means that you can keep items like your phone or camera separate and still be able to reach them in a hurry.

Made from high quality cotton canvas with a luxury broad strap, this bag looks good in both smart and casual environments. You can wear it as a shoulder bag or as a front, side or rear crossbody carrier and it will look good both full and empty.

The outer flap can be buttoned closed for security or left to hang over the front of the bag.

Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 4 inches ; 1.5 pounds


Impressions / Review:


There is no special packaging for the bag, it’s just a plastic bag, but nothing is really needed as it’s not exactly fragile, it’s just cloth after all.


The bag is blue in color which would work fine for a man or woman. The material is a cotton canvas that reminds me of denim, but it’s much softer than denim is. Overall the bag does feel sturdy and well made, it should last of long time I would think.



On the front flap is a patch with the Skorch logo on it, and no other branding.


The front flap is held in place by two brass buttons that actually slightly magnetic to help them close easier. The buttons seem well made and heavy duty I think, I really like the button, they’re functional but yet look really good and make a nice contrast with the cotton canvas material.



When you lift the flap you’ll be greeted with two more pockets that are also held closed with two brass buttons each.



The pockets are pockets, you put stuff in them, they’re large enough for all sorts of things like phone, wallet, keys, mp3 player, sunglasses, and whatever else really.



The main compartment is zippered shut with a fairly heavy duty zipper with a nice larger pull to make it easy to open.



When you open the main compartment you’ll find another zippered pocket section to put things in that you wouldn’t want rolling and moving all around your bag, phone, wallet, mp3 player, keys or whatever.



The large main compartment is more than large enough for a laptop if you wanted to. Yes it’s not padded on the sides but the bottom does have a layer or padding for protection.



The inside is double lined actually with a very soft black material and you’ll also find two more smaller pockets.



The main strap is very thick and heavy duty. The shoulder pad isn’t very thick and the top has a riveted leather pad on it. The bottom of the pad is very slightly padded and should be comfortable on your shoulder. The material is a textured and should stop the pad from sliding off of your shoulder.




The start length is adjustable with brass buckles so you can adjust it to your desired length quickly and easily.

 skorch6 skorch7


The should strap is attached to the bag but quite a bit of stitching and another leather patch. I don’t think it will easily come separated from the bag at all no matter how much stuff you put in the bag.


On the bag of the bag is yet another zippered pocket for files, of papers or maybe even a small tablet.




Last thing I have for you is a video, mini-review maybe, or overview as it were, but it shows you everything better than pictures can I think:







For the price this is one of the nicest messenger bags I’ve had the chance to review and I’ve reviewed a lot of bags over the years and usually you’ve got to pay a lot of money to get something this decent.

The bag is well made, and it’s a neutral color really, so a man or woman could use it. Yes it’s blue, but it just looks gender neutral as it were.

One of my favorite features are the brass snaps, they hold securely and they even look good, they just add that little come thing extra to the bag that put it over the top.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet durable messenger bag then make sure you check this one out before you make a final decision.



+ Well made
+ Padded bottom
+ Magnetic locking buttons
+ Unisex color
+ Strong strap


– None



Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; I do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.