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Mobility Digest Review: ThumbCal v1.4.0 Beta – PIM Replacement

Ever since my original Palm Pilot days I have searched for a simple way to enter and edit tasks and appointments on my portable devices. I have tried more than a half dozen PIM replacement apps and have active licenses for most of them. They all worked well in their own way, but over time I found them cumbersome to navigate and simply too complex to use regularly. A stylus was a must, and I really stressed when I had to insert some data, usually waiting till I got back to my desktop to load an entry directly into Outlook.

Right behind using you device to make and receive phone calls, Personal Information Management (PIM) is the next most important feature (or should be), which is crippled by Microsoft’s poor excuse for a PIM application, seeing little improvement except for maybe the most recent builds. Really sad when you think about it.

Well, introducing ThumbCal, a totally finger friendly Task & Appointment PIM replacement for your phone. I first posted about this app back in July when I installed it and things just keeps getting better. It is one of my “Top 5 Apps” that I could not imagine being without. Once you try this app, at least in my opinion, I can’t imagine why or how you would ever want to use anything else. I honestly now look forward to entering tasks and appointments on my phone and although I sit in front of my PC every day, I have not entered anything directly into Outlook in months. The app started out as an XDA thread and went commercial more than a year ago. The thread is here and the developers site is here. The current price is $19.95, but there is a 14 day trial; plenty of time to fall in love with this must have app. Ok, enough of my hyperbole, let’s go take this baby for a test drive.

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