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MobilityLeaks: What’s the Deal w/ Electricity? [Ask the Readers]

On 9/3/2011 11:29 PM, David K wrote:

I thought all USB chargers were the same. They’re not. I plugged my TouchPad into a regular USB cord I had from some phone in the past and it gave a warning that the charge wasn’t strong enough. I also tried an iPad using a generic USB charger with thr iOS cable and got thr same message. I never realized that these things varied. What’s the deal? Is this just a tablet thing or what?  I have my phone plugged into the TP charger. No issues yet but should I be doing this? If we didn’t have these tablets I wouldn’t have this issue;)

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Chris Leiter:

iphone ipod, phones, etc… 5W

iPad, Touchpad, Tab 10.1 etc… 10W

The iPad Charger and iPhone charger look identical aside from tiny 5pt font that says ’10W’ or ‘5W’

David K:

Interesting. I never knew. So any effect on plugging a phone in at 10w?

Doug Smith:

I plug my iphone into my ipad charger all the time. Mainly cause the kids have lost all the phone chargers! No damage yet…

Colby A:

I believe not. If its any similar to a power supply, that is just its "max" rating. But dont blame me if it breaks haha

David K:

Where the hell is the battery boss when we need him?;)

Doug Smith:

He is probably calculating his exposure from the tablet bet he placed earlier. Speaking of which, I need to change that to Jon don’t I?

You got enough article count DK. LOL


either way. i go by jon a lot more than i go by jonathan. google tends
not to listen to me when i change it. "no! your name is jonathan! i
have the birth certificate right here to prove it as i am google! your
all knowing overlord!"

David K:

Yup its Jon’s;)
And I Binged it. Guess what? No negative effects. If there were Apple would say it voids your warranty but instead they say it’s fine


Ahh, a Google guy with a touch of sarcasm. I like it. Leaves the door open to pull you from the dark side.

Well, pretty sure that all USB plugs/ports are a nominal 5V. Otherwise you would be seeing and smelling a lot of smoke.

Most phone chargers are in the 600mA to 1A range, or 3W to 5W (as in V x A=W). My wall charger is 1A, but my 2 USB Battery Backups are 500mA and 600mA respectively, and do a fine job of charging my phone, even while using it.

Should have no issues using a larger capacity charger, although some devices may refuse to charge with a lower capacity block.

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My surround charger will not charge my atrix, doesn’t say if it is too much or too little energy.

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The chargers should have power ratings on them. Compare them and you’ll likely get your answer 🙂

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Yup. The touchpad charger is rated at over 5V while all other chargers are at 5V tops.


Ok. Well my Surround charger is rated at 5V/1A, while my two USB mobile chargers are rated at 5.3V/500mA and 5V/600mA.  Most of my BT headphone chargers are rated at 5V/550mA.

So its got to do with the amperage rating. Guess they are worried that a charger with a lower rating will run hotter (at full load) although that’s unlikely to have any effect.  A device can be built to accept X amp load, so some will work and some won’t.

Remember reading in a blog that the LG chargers are only 600mA, but charge the phone just fine. Btw, the iPhone charger is rated 5V/1A, same as most HTC phones.


And this is why the iPad and other tablets don’t charge via USB when connected to the computer.  USB only puts out 5 when 10 is needed.

Doug Simmons:

Hey fellas, magic trick for you. I’m gonna blow your mind and demonstrate the power of MobilityLeaks pulling traffic even with such a sleeper of a thread like this. Not even gonna sex it up with girly pictures. It just feels like another win somehow. Even on a slow Sunday. What can I say, I got an eye for these things and I’m always reinventing myself.

In addition to being the Battery Boss, I am the ultimate blogger.

Also, glad to meet you Jon.