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RIM Announces BBX. We say our condolences.

Today RIM announced their newest operating system dubbed BBX.  Yes you read this correctly, not Blackberry OS 7, not QNX.  RIM inexplicably debuted a third OS for developers to code for on Blackberry devices.  If there could have been a worse announcement used as a splash for the once dominant smartphone maker I’m having trouble coming up with it.  How thoroughly uninterested is the world in the announcement of BBX?  Nobody has even taken out the time to mock or tear into it.  It was a nonstarter at the worse possible time.

First you have Microsoft who is targeting you for third place announce a major update to their mobile OS in WP OS 7.5; second you have Apple release iOS5 to further polish an already formidable, mature and popular mobile OS; lastly today marks the announcement of Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich.  This doesn’t even take into account the slick new hardware for Apple, Android and Microsoft platforms that’s either hit the market this past week or will in the next month.  RIM had to shake the foundations to be taken seriously going forward instead they managed to put even their most ardent supporters to sleep. Darn it all, I should have listened to my colleague Simmons when he advised the staff to short RIM.

Its never a good sign when you turn to a competing platform that is eating your lunch as a saving grace and even then only take what’s available elsewhere on better hardware and software.  Android app availability is not a cure all for bad hardware, laughable leadership and pipe dreams. It’s a darn good thing employees at headquarters are used to that cold winter chill because this winter figures to have a specially harsh bite to it.  RIM is officially on the clock!