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RIM- One good thing Enterprise Based…

It has been a long time since I wrote an article.  I can honestly say it hasn’t been because of lack of stuff to write about it has been mostly been because I have been one busy SOB since I got my promotion at my job.

This past week I have had the luxury of being at my semi annual sales conference for my job.  One thing most companies do not do is give wireless access to attendees as most locations like to rape you on access fees.  ONE THING that RIM does well and what most companies give their employees is unlimited data plans and with these unlimited data plans is the ability to tether.  So with all the talk about WP7 and their can they or can’t them tether, please see David’s excellent article or tethering, RIM’s capability to tether via their BB Desktop software 6 has been a lifesaver for me this week.  Honestly this is like the only thing that has kept me remotely interested in this platform, and it is not only because I am forced to use it but the ease of use and the ability to actually work at a decent speed has been great so far this week for me. 

So for now I am stuck with RIM, but so far this restriction has been a blessing this week as I have been able to do my job while listening to seminar after seminar.  I will love to move to WP7 when I can, but at the moment I have been greatly impressed by the ease of ONE THING that I take for granted.  That is the ability to work from anywhere and to do my job wherever and whenever I need to get something done.  So for once in life I will say KUDOS to RIM for getting the ONE THING right in the enterprise world. So until the other platforms can perfect this ONE THING that every enterprise using consumer needs then I will stick with RIM, faults and all.  

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