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RoboCop Comes to iTunes

I think it would be dating myself to say I remember when the original RoboCop movie came out, oh well, yeah I’m that old. Anyway, the movie was cool, at least the original was, not the subsequent and numerous sequels though. This isn’t a game though it’s an app that let’s you watch video clips, listen to audio and there’s even a RoboHead mode that let’s you become RoboCop! If you’re a fan and you’ve got an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch then you can get your RoboCop on…


America’s favorite super-human cyborg is available in the iTunes App Store as a brand new interactive experience! RoboCop, a video and audio clip App from MGM, is available now for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPodTouch. Download the RoboCop App trailer here!

RoboCop App lets fans and users watch their favorite RoboCop movie scenes on demand, gain access to the best one-liners and audio clips, and impersonate the infamous action hero through a brand new “RoboHead” mode.  For the first time ever, fans themselves can become RoboCop and watch as he mouths their own words!  The iPhone/iPodTouch version is available for $.99, or upgrade to the iPad version for just $1.99.