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Max Manila Takes Sense 2.5 to the Max

I’ve been a big fan of Max Manila for some time (I even got to test the latest v2.7 beta before it was released!). It’s not quite a new UI, but it sure takes the sweetness of HTC Sense 2.5 and makes it even sweeter, both functionally and aesthetically. Max just finished a VGA version of Max Manila for all of us Fuze lovers (see my screen below right; I kept mine pretty simple compared to what is possible).

If you’ve been living under a rock for a while (or just not reading xda-developers every other minute), Max Manila is a tool for creating a fully customizable Sense 2.5 home screen. Here are a few details:


  • 8 clock arrays + 1 large analog
  • Call History and Calendar wt possible up to 3 appointments
  • Weather on demand
  • 4 notification icons (Call History, Calendar, SMS, Email)
  • 12 / 16 / 20 shortcuts
  • Panoramic / BG4all / Default wallpapers 
  • Retractable tab icons
  • Full screen mode
  • AutoLock and AutoMute function (orientation activated)
  • Transparent slider effect (front tab icon removed)
  • Full and Lite version
  • And many more…….

  • Manila 2.5 (v2.5.19211619.0)

  • VGA and WVGA phones
  • If you’re not using Max Manila, you are definitely not getting the full use and joy out of your Sense. So what are you waiting for? Get over to the Max Manila thread and get your home screen as sweet as can be.