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RotoView Photo for Android Let’s You Tilt to Scroll

Quick post for you, this is rather neat, titling to scroll to view larger images, but of course your phone needs to have a gyroscope in it to work which I think the majority of Android phones have these days. The app is free and it’s called RotoView Photo and you can grab it right now from Google Play.


INNOVENTIONS, Inc., an early pioneer in motion-enhanced smartphone display technology, has released its free RotoView Photo app, giving Android users a new and unique way to scroll large images by tilting the phone with just one hand. Scrolling with such natural rotation motions eliminates the need for repeated touch screen gestures that block the user’s field of view and leaves fingerprint smudges and dirt on the screen.

Invented more than 14 years ago by Dr. Feinstein, RotoView is the original Smart Scroll technology for tilt and motion gestures. Since then the company has promoted the idea of adding tilt and motion gestures into the user interface of smartphones and other hand held and wearable devices.

Designed for all Android devices equipped with the gyroscope sensor, the free RotoView Photo app is available now from Google Play, . A similar RotoView Photo Magnifier app is available for iOS on iTunes. RotoView technology is covered by US and European patents, and now includes extensive API protocols for both Android and iOS.

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