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The Perfect Fuze?

I bought my Fuze in November of 2008 and learned of shortly thereafter. My mission since then has been to create what is for me the Perfect Fuze. It began by flashing new ROMs (13 flashes so far, mostly NRG’s), then the latest apps and tweaks, then the constantly improving TF3D (now Sense 2.5). The only thing that had been holding perfection back was having the first row of Quick Links visible on the Home screen. There just didn’t seem to be enough realistic on the Fuze to emulate the Home screen layout of the TP2, HD2, etc.

Well, that moment of perfection has arrived with Co0kie Monster’s v1.7 Home Tab mod of HTC’s Sense 2.5 UI. As David K noted yesterday, this sweet mod enables you to take your Sense 2.5 to the highest level of functionality ever.

So, for those of you who still have the dinosaur known as the Fuze, your moment of perfection – and joy! – has arrived. Now, with my contract up in November, I’m salivating over an HTC HD Mini sized phone that will run WP7 (and Sense 3.0, whatever that will be)!