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Google Ends Internal Use of Windows

“We’re not doing any more Windows; it’s a security effort,” remarked one Google insider to the Financial Times about Google’s recent decision to phase out all Microsoft operating systems for almost all of its employees worldwide, up to twenty thousand employees by some estimates, in favor of Macs, Linux and Chrome machines. David K says it’s a stunt.

One shortcoming, and this is one of a rather large list of items, most of us associate with Microsoft’s software is insecurity, much more so than with Apple or hippie Linux distributions. If you believe Google at all about part of their rift with the Chinese being their little hacking habit, and if you’ve ever run a network intrusion auditor you’d know how pervasive it is, taking into mind that Google with all their crazy datamining had better put a very elevated degree of concern on the safety of their big brother data (not to mention protecting their trade secrets), how is this not a good idea? As a Google datamining victim, wouldn’t you want this?

Google’s nemesis lately, it seems, is Apple, not so much Microsoft. That Google employees I imagine will (if they are not mostly already) be using Macs and some using Linux or this Chrome thing makes me think if Windows were the better product, Google would certainly be more inclined to go with Windows either for everyone or at least whoever wants it. It just sounds stupid for any company, even one of Google’s size, to give everybody something undesirable, denying them what would help them develop better, to make a political statement in a press release (actually not even a press release, just some leaked remarks) that will soon be forgotten. Security cannot get much greater a concern for any other public company than it is for Google.

Sometimes, if not always, and I believe this is the case here in spite of David K’s baseless cynicism, it’s about issuing the best equipment and platforms to your employees to do their thing as well as possible without jeopardizing general security, not about making childish gestures. There’s just too much on the line. Am I right?

Doug Simmons