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Fuze Official ROM Was Intended To Be Released

Since Wednesday we knew that an official AT&T Fuze ROM was hitting the streets and it was supposed to come on Thursday the 28th, which came and went. And it still hasn’t be released. So there’s a lingering question on what the intended release date was. Well, someone dropped off some internal AT&T documents that verify that the 28th was in fact the intended release date. The document reads

A maintenance release (MR) for the HTC FUZE is scheduled to be available for download from the HTC web site on Thursday 5/28/2009. 

Here it is in full:


So now that we know that they just blew the date (it seems because of some serial number problems but the exact error is unknown) we’ll continue to hold our breath with you…but of course come back often cause you know we’ll tell you the second it is available.